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I'm vengeance! I'm the night! I am ...
This plushy caped crusader is a Cursed Creations custom build. Requested by a true bat-fan to capture the classic 1989 film, featuring Michael "let's get nuts" Keaton behind the famous cape & cowl. The bat suit was designed to have the classic look, complete with the iconic plushy bat symbol, flexi forearm gauntlets, yellow utility belt and felty flowing cape to complete the brooding bats signature look. The suit is complete with stitched "cross fit" muscles and years of vigilantly training courtesy of the League of Shadows. This Bat is ready to take on Gotham Cities original brat pack or just look down from above at the great city he protects with a brooding sneer and in the rain.  (Actually, please don't get puppet batman wet - that last part was just for dramatic effect.)

Puppet Features
Possible fingers to hold specialty crime fighting items

Puppet Brains

Removable armrods to allow for puppeteering or display