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I'm Chucky ... Wanna play?
As cursed dolls go, Chucky is cut above the rest. Made from foam, felt, stitches and the occasional staple here and there ,Chuck is made with 100% love for the classic character with just a hint of voodoo. Brandishing his iconic blade of choice, Chuck is a little different from our usual puppet builds with the ability to play chasey or hide and seek in the worst way possible. For some particular reason this commission was requested with full legs and good guys shoes, to allow chuck a little more play than his other plushy counter parts. This all combined makes for one Good Guy who wants to be your best friend.


Puppet Features
> Possible fingers for proper knife , hammer , screwdriver, nail gun wielding 

Full screen accurate costume complete with legs and feet 

A Magic knife that bleeds from the inside

Custom animated mech eyes which gives him a devilish glare