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Welcome to my Nightmare!
1..2.. Freddy's coming for you. Straight from your plushy nightmares comes the Freddy Puppet. Another awesome commission from the grand master of puppets himself Michael Rosenbaum. This build was a suggestion based on Michaels intense love of horror icons. Making puppet Fred the perfect horrifying addition to any collection. Compete with his razor round razor glove, stripped sweater and felty fedora, this rascal of REM has come to play his wicked games with children of Elm's street. Fred's classic BBQ face has been slightly puppetified to make him more huggable for the kiddies He's got the body and we'll supply the puppet brains. You too can bring this classic dream master into your home today, cause after all ... Every town should have a Freddy Puppet. Sweet Dreams!

Puppet Features
> Possible fingers for proper slashing

 Removable arm rods to allow for puppeteering or display

Classic screen accurate costume complete with stripy green and red sweater, fedora and razor glove

ability to move in and out of you dreams ... You're welcome.