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And he said "Let there be light!"... And it was good!

Let us give thanks to our wonderful puppet Buddy Dobbs. This puppet build was commissioned by the one the only Michael (the Lex) Rosenbaum in "plushy" honour of his hit Tv series Impastor. The design was based on the handsome devil of a man himself, complete with a felty 5 o'clock shadow, custom tattoos and spiky up do. Buddy sports his spiffy black leather jacket and iconic white pastor collar. Puppet Buddy is always a man with a plan. In addition to this crafty character, a custom "tea" bong was created as a complete accessory to the "Token" Conman who has everything!  "And he said Let there be light" ... And it was good!

Puppet Features
Possible fingers ( to hold his *cough *cough accessories.)

Custom leather jacket black shirt and pastor collar 

Charming smile and sharp wit

Removable arm rods to allow for puppeteering or display

Custom hand made bong - baby blue to match his eyes


Check out Michael Rosenbaum and the cast of Impastor doing a little live Periscope session with Puppet Buddy.