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Why so serious?
The clown prince of Gotham is next up on our pop cultcha lineup. Horribly disfigured at the plushy hands of our dark knight, the joker is the master mind behind the hijinks which keeps our brooding bat on his toes. Sporting his trademark grin with teeth, this crazy clown is ready to join his fellow rouges gallery in a little mayhem and destruction. Commissioned by a fan who sees the funny side of life, the Joker is a perfect addition to the arkham collection including; puppet Harley, Bane and Two Face to name a few. Donned in his traditional purple and green, the Joker is decked out and ready party hard on the streets of Gotham City.  Always up for a laugh and a dance under The pale moonlight, Mr. J will always put on a happy face, while testing Brucey's sanity in the process . Hahaha Heee Hee Ho!

Puppet Features
> Possible fingers for proper knife , gun and joy buzzer wielding 

Full screen accurate costume complete with lapel flower (acid spraying version optional)

Ear to ear grin for those people who see the funny side of life

> Removable arm rods to allow for puppeteering and display