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Cowabunga Dudes!
This radical next addition is one of four bothers who know how to party. Mutated and raised in the sewers of New York, Michalengelo is always up for some tubular action - be it battling the foot clan or of just scarfing down some of New York's finest pizza by the slice. This turtle knows how to have a good time. Commissioned by a lover of the 80s classic, Mikey comes equipped with his signature duel nunchucks, making him one awesome hero in a "plushy" half shell. Also available in a set of 4, this ultimate addition to 80's nostalgia will have you yelling turtle power!

Puppet Features
> Possible fingers for proper double nunchuck wielding 

A plushy half shell complete with sheaths and straps to hold various weapons.

Two hero approved nunchucks 

An innate love for pizza

Removable arm rods to allow for puppeteering and display