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Puppet Sam & Dean Live Tweet SPN S10E02


So... hands up... who was excited for Episode 2!???

WOAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! What a crazy cool episode!
We can hardly contain our excitement for S10E03 with the added BONUS of #actionackles :)
Hope all our North American friends enjoy tonight... we will be watching and live tweeting again next week when it shows on the West Coast of Oz. If you're awake, Come join us @cursedcreations and have some fun!!

Love Puppet Dean and Sam xox



Puppet Sam & Dean Live Tweet SPN S10E01

To celebrate the start of Supernatural Season 10 in Australia, Puppet Sam & Dean thought they would have a go at live tweeting the West Coast premiere... with pictures of course ;)

See Ya for more live tweets Next week, Love Puppet Dean & Sam xx

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