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We've got work to do!
The boys are back! Sam and Dean Winchester have been saving people and hunting thing ever since taking up the family business all those years ago. Although they picked up a few members along the way the bothers will always be the heart of the SPN family. Sam and Dean sport their traditional look from the series that basically consists of plaid and leather. Dean comes with the on again off again Samulet and if requested the Mark of Cain. Black eyes not included 😉

Sam comes equipped with some awesome hair, a grand wealth of demon knowledge and a stone cold gaze, to make any black eyed baddy want to smoke out early. Check out our little homage to the boys in the season 10 retrospective or here on YouTube. Carry on our wayward sons! 

Also available Cas ,Crowley, Jody, Donna, Abbadon and Bobby.


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